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Process management system


Pross8 is the integrated production management system specialized for the manufacturing industry (molds and general parts machining).
Construction of the system with high degree of freedom at low cost is possible to meet the customers' needs from the large-scale system that manages totally from ordering to the process and shipment to the simple small-scale system that extracts the minimum necessary functions.

There are two types of system, the mold machining process corresponding version and the parts machining process corresponding version.
System for parts machining process is also possible to install the logical inventory management system.

Windows8 is supported from a version of the release in September.

Gantt chart screen

Process calculation engine is equipped. Calculate the optimum process design.

In the planning schedule, the process design is troublesome. In Pross 8, the number of menu is kept to minimum necessary,The simple operation for the process design is made possible, such as the operation by the drag-and-drop, and the data import from EXCEL,etc.
Just standard functions are enough to use, but it is possible to customize to suit the process management system for each company at low cost.


Delay prediction and simulation It is possible to create the planning in anticipation by predicting delay.


Correspond to different operation by industries. Operational method and operation steps are different from by industries, but we will support politely, therefore please relieve.

For example, in mold machining there are "upper molds" and "lower molds", constitution for the management target is different from each cases.
In addition, correspond to the lot and the number of parts for the parts processing industry.

  • The introduction of the hierarchy concept and selection method (2-4 hierarchy)
    Managed to put together hierarchically parts and parts that constitute the one of the orders.
    However, because it becomes difficult to handle in such parts processing and select the optimal hierarchy at the time of system introduction.
  • Pallet change correspondence of horizontal machining (optional)
    Plan to exist different workpieces on the multiple palette,and plan a good efficient setup and work preparation.
  • Split scheduling production and shipment schedule (customize)
  • Logical inventory and lot production plans (customize)