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Privacy Policy

Enactment in April 1, 2013
Fat System Co., Ltd.
Managing Director Fumiaki Okusawa

Fat System Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as the "our company") as a company thinks acquiring personal information appropriately and use and safe management of it as the proper duty.
In order to clarify this, here and established the "Privacy Policy", will be declared to practice this on our inside and outside.

Our company reveals the acquisition purpose of appropriate personal information that takes into account the content and scale of the business, use and provision of the acquired personal information properly performed within the acquisition objective,
do not perform the handling of personal information that was beyond the scope necessary to achieve the purpose of use, and take measures of that.
Our company manages the personal information accurately ,we will implement leakage of personal information, the prevention and correction of loss or damage.

【The purpose of personal information use】

Suppliers information
For meetings, consultations, various contact on the negotiations and business, ordering business, the billing payment

Other personal information
If in our company, the need for such as contract fulfillment occurred

Personal information of employees
For human resource management of employees, business management, health management, security management

The personal information about applicants for employment
For contact the applicants for employment and our adoption business management

※If our company notice or publish the purpose of use individually , it will assume due to its intended use.

※Arbitrary of the personal information grant
In personal information such as the employment information, the offer of the personal information becomes arbitrary. However, such as impossible to make contact there is no offer of information that is needed, event will occur that can not be appropriate hiring, please understand beforehand.

【For inquiry, correction, deletion of personal information】

In our company, for the correction or deletion when there is inquiry andan error regarding personal information , After that your request is due to yourself or your agent of "personal information subject to disclosure" could be confirmed, within a reasonable period of time, we will disclose personal information, and correct or delete. For more information please contact us to personal information consultation desk.

The following case, it will be considered as non-disclosure.
・On the occasion of the application by the agent, we cannot confirm the power of attorney.
・If there is a risk that harm the person or a third party of life, body, property,and other rights and interests.
・If it is in violation of other laws and regulations.

【Third party disclosure, providing and consignment of personal information】

Except in the following cases, our company will not provide or disclose the acquired personal information to a third party.In addition, concerning the case to be entrusted to such as our partner companies and external staff within the scope of the above-mentioned purposes of use,Selection of the appropriate contractors, and will be consignment on that they have entered into an agreement for the protection of personal information.

(1) Based on the law, if our company is asked to disclose or provide from court other government agencies
(2) If it is necessary for the protection of human life,the body or property, if able to obtain the consent of the person in question difficult.
(3) Public office performance on such national or local governments, if in case cooperation is required, there is a possibility that the obstacle to the execution of the gym caused by obtaining the consent of the person in question.

【Other verification matter】

We are committed to the protection of personal information, but the security at the time of information transmission can not be guaranteed. Customers please send the information at your own risk. When you are online connection, please pay enough attention to the handling of information. In addition, our company can change this privacy policy at any time. In this case, it will take effect by posted on this Web site.

About Link
Link to an external site that was installed in our Web site is not intended to share personal information.
Our company absolutely .. do not do with respect to the handling of personal information of the linked Web site.
The confirmation is recommended such as linked Web site's privacy policy.

For copyright and other rights
Sentences and images, etc, posted on the website , all belongs to Fat System Co., Ltd.

【Personal information consultation desk】

Consultation desk for complaints and consultation about the handling of personal information