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On-machine Measuring

FATs Console

On-machine measuring console achieves on-machine measuring only by the measurement NC data created by C&G Systems Inc. CAMTOOL on-machine measuring option.

Flexible specification of the measuring points and efficient NC creation

it is possible to use the points and figures created by CAM-TOOL, and the points and figures input from IGES/DXF as measuring points.Compared to use a dedicated system, the creation and management of measurement points can be done smoothly.

The flow from CL to create NC data will also be the same operation as normal CAM work.

  • Register the measurement points and condition by profile.
  • The registration to the calculation machining table. Possible to confirm path by CL display of calculation process table.
  • Interference check of the touch probe, create an efficient measuring NC data by automatic clearance.

FATs Console

FATs Console

Create inspection table (CSV output)

The result measured by the machining center is sent instantly to the PC.
After finishing measuring, create inspection table.