Fat System helps the "Visualization" of the manufacturing industry.

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Product List

Product List

Our product lineup such as the process management system which is intuitive and flexible operation.

Process Management SystemPross8

Process management system with low cost and high degree of freedom.Process management system "Pross8" that changes process management work dramatically (the logical inventory corresponding for parts manufacturing/ for molds manufacturing)

On-machine Measuring System FATs Console

After machining, measure the the workpiece by the machine.Create and manage the measurement points smoothly and improve reliability of the machining, guarantee the quality to the next process.

DNC System FATs DNC , FATs Tool DNC

Intelligent DNC system to reduce the POST selection at the time of NC data output

Operation Management System FATs status

Monitor the operating status of the machine, and simplify the collection and aggregation of operating time.

NC Alarm Notification FATs Alarm

When the machine stopped by the alarm stop, notify by mail