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FAT DNC System


To meet the needs of the manufacturing site, transfer NC data efficiently by rich features.
You can reduce the POST selection at the time of NC data output of the CAM as much as possible.

Main screen


Communications parameter
  • Transfer protocol
  • ProtocolA、ProtocolB、FTP、Fanuc Ltd.FOCAS1/2 、HSSB、HEIDENHAIN
  • Transfer mode
  • there is a Data transmission, data reception, scheduled transfer continuous schedule transfer.
    In the schedule transfer, it is possible to add and change other NC data files during transfer.
  • NC side transfer request function
  • It is possible to transfer by specifying the NC data file name you want to transfer at the NC side. Therefore it is unnecessary to operate computer.
  • Remote transfer request function
  • Transfers the NC files you want to trasfer in browser such as a tablet. It is possible to specify the NC file.
  • FTP function
  • It is possible to transfer the NC data to the NC file by FTP.
    If the main program and sub program exist in one file, it is possible to split the file in each program number, or change the program number.
    In addition, it is also possible to transfer by merging multiple NC data files in a single file.
  • Main program creation function
  • Select the NC files, enter the tool number and correction number for each NC files you select, then create the main program file.
    FTP transfer of the main program files you created is possible.
  • POST function
  • When you transfer the NC data, it is possible to enter T number, tool change command, and spindle rotation command on the screen, and transfer them by adding to the NC data.
  • Data conversion function
  • When transferring NC data, NC data conversion before the transfer is possible.
Instruction sheet DNC

DNC transfer is possible by importing the process table (processing instruction sheet) created in the NC data output by CAM, and select the instruction sheet by the product number, the part number, etc..
Since instruction sheet based operation is possible, and also attaining paperless and drawing-less and you can monitor processing errors and processing progress from other PC.
Also the cooperation with pre-setter, measuring instrument, and process management system is possible.